The Stewardship Committee

Kathy Barnes, Elder/Chair
Lou Fazio, Treasurer

We work on the budget, stewardship campaigns, and property management to ensure that we can provide for both immediate and long term needs.

From March 2020 until August 2021, our building was empty and our finances took a substantial hit due to the closing of our nursery school and after school programs. We are thrilled that in-person worship has returned, and that starting in September we will have a Montessori school and after school programs operating in our building! In addition to generating income for NPC, these programs will help us to reach out and make connections in the wider community.

The Stewardship Committee was very active during the COVID closure, repairing and upgrading our church home, and reducing expenses. These included refinishing the vestry floor, repairing the fire alarms, the stained glass window frames, and the outdoor signs, painting throughout the building, as well as upgrading the systems needed to live-stream our services and making our building safe to reopen. We continue to work on repairs to our roof, plumbing and heating systems. We would like to thank our congregation for their continued support and generosity through the COVID pandemic, and look forward to seeing you in person.