Book! A Fable

by Russell Adams Until recently, amidst the downtown blight, there was a hotel, the Conklin, that catered to the most transient of transients.  Those who checked in seldom brought much except what they wore, and, sometimes, a plain paper bag to relieve thirsty lips.  How the Conklin came to it’s abrupt end is still theContinue reading Book! A Fable

Out of Dust

By Joanna Michal Hoyt Originally published in On Loss, June 2019 Translations from the journal of Cristina Fuentes: April 7, 1954             My name is Cristina Guadalupe Fuentes Espinosa. I am ten years old. In this book I will write the story of my adventures with my papi in El Norte, where we are goingContinue reading Out of Dust


By Joanna Michal Hoyt Alma assumed Sibyl was joking, so she forced a laugh; new in town and new at church, Alma knew she couldn’t snub someone at coffee hour. Then she saw the outrage on Sibyl’s face. “Sorry. You really mean – ?” “Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. It’s just that we’re concernedContinue reading Harrowing

Come Again

by Joanna Michal Hoyt originally published in Metapsychosis, September 2018 The visitor scrapes the dirt off his broken-down shoes, steps into the gleaming entrance hall, returns the usher’s smile. Unlike the usher, he keep his lips shut—understandably, if his teeth differ from the usher’s as much as his clothes do.  The usher gestures him intoContinue reading Come Again

Believe in Miracles

by Jack Holder Mark 9:2-9 Bathe in the light of the golden dawn. Drink in the waters of Eden pure Delight in gazing upon yet another Glorious miracle, that is the son. At least, that is what I have been taught. The Transfiguration, the whiteclad Christ Who revealed his will, his righteous stock With ElijahContinue reading Believe in Miracles

Shining Bloom

by Jack Holder Genesis 9:8-17 Oh! What a light there is blooming From a flower still soft and budded. The multifaceted shine of petal Brings tears upon mine face. Even better still, is how such life Is brought forth from such grime and muck See where it stands, in the garbage heap Surrounded by worms,Continue reading Shining Bloom

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