Moved By The Spirit

NPC Art Show 2021

Gracious God by KJ

The inspiration of this piece of art is as below:

People who suffered from blindness, leprosy, paralysis amongst many others in the bible, were freed from their pain through the grace and mercy of God. They yearned for God to heal their physical sufferings, and God answered. But God bestows blessings far beyond what anyone deserves, far beyond this life, when Jesus Christ died on the cross. It is not just those with physical suffering that need God. We are all sinners, people who need God, and God has already given us the greatest blessing that we could never earn by ourselves; Salvation.

I created this piece with the idea in mind that from afar, it is an image of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us, but looking at a close distance, it is broken down into various instances of miracles within the Bible. The blood on Jesus Christ is depicted with red ink, where the deadly sins are written in both English and the Chinese Language (My Mother Tongue). His hair is written with verses in both English and the Chinese Language using the verses where the miracles are stated from.