Moved By The Spirit

NPC Art Show 2021

Believe in Miracles

by Jack Holder Mark 9:2-9 Bathe in the light of the golden dawn. Drink in the waters of Eden pure Delight in gazing upon yet another Glorious miracle, that is the son. At least, that is what I have been taught. The Transfiguration, the whiteclad Christ Who revealed his will, his righteous stock With Elijah and Moses upon that mountain rock. And yet, still, I wonder. ‘Twas two millennia hence. My grandfather’s, grandmother’s, great great…

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Shining Bloom

by Jack Holder Genesis 9:8-17 Oh! What a light there is blooming From a flower still soft and budded. The multifaceted shine of petal Brings tears upon mine face. Even better still, is how such life Is brought forth from such grime and muck See where it stands, in the garbage heap Surrounded by worms, maggots, And the refuse of beasts. There is naught like this budding star And I weep to know its face…

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