Moved By The Spirit

NPC Art Show 2021


Comic_pag01 and 02: About adversity, love, and family

A message from Carlos:

I love everything that has to do with the world of creativity, illustration, design, comics, computer graphics, animation, interactivity, video games, toys, art, books, and magazines.

Since my childhood, I always liked to make up stories, fantastic storytelling to later draw them on paper. All that influenced my creativity, so I decided to study and graduate as a graphic designer at the Interamerican Open University and at the same time did parallel studying workshops like illustration, anatomy, and animation, among others.

All these works talk about faith, love, family, life, and staying together with the people we choose and love.

1- Ilus-deluxe: About the pandemic and covid-19

2- Angels-and-demons: The fight between good and evil

3- WhyFaith : About faith, hope, and not forgetting that you can

4- Comic_pag01 and 02: About adversity, love, and family