Moved By The Spirit Art Show – About Our Artists

September 2021

Mimi Aloia

Mimi Aloia is both a visual artist and poet. She has taught classes in both acrylic painting and creative writing to retired school teachers at the UFT, retiring in 2009.

Her art works include several mediums: assemblage, painting, drawing. She has published three books of poetry and prose, which include her drawings and cover art.

Mimi has exhibited both in NYC and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Her most recent exhibit (Face Up & Focus) was at the College of Staten Island  archives where her journal collection is housed.  She enjoys fun with friends and family, as well as playing bridge and bocce.

Carlos Bonardi

Carlos is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Comic Artist living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I love everything that has to do with the world of creativity, illustration, design, comics, computer graphics, animation, interactivity, video games, toys, art, books, and magazines.

Since my childhood, I always liked to make up stories, fantastic storytelling to later draw them on paper. All that influenced my creativity, so I decided to study and graduate as a graphic designer at the Interamerican Open University and at the same time did parallel studying workshops like illustration, anatomy, and animation, among others.

“All these works talk about faith, love, family, life, and staying together with the people we choose and love.”

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Louis Fazio

Lou Fazio is an amateur photographer and a member of NPC for 25 years along with his wife, Anita. Together they have three children, Shaun is the oldest and is married to   Desiree, Gina and Analisa. Lou serves as Treasurer of NPC and also serves on the Stewardship Committee.

The Falmouth pictures show the beauty and peacefulness of the sunsets providing a calm place for  Lou to explore his spirituality. It is a place where he can feel close to God. The Cliffs of Moher  in Ireland where Lou and Anita traveled in 2018, demonstrates for Lou the work of the greatest artist, God. This was a magical place.

John Harutunian

John Harutunian studied piano with Gladys Ondricek in Boston.  His early studies in composition were with Henry Lasker at Newton High School.  At the age of 16 he made his concert debut as piano soloist with the Boston Pops.  He then entered Wheaton (IL) College, majoring in composition and continuing his piano studies under Reginald Gerig.  While at Wheaton he returned to Boston to appear as a soloist in his own “Fantasy Gavotte” at Symphony Hall Youth Concerts with Harry Ellis Dickson and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  He pursued graduate work in both composition and musicology at Harvard University and at the University of Pennsylvania, studying under David Del Tredici, Ralph Shapey, George Rochberg, and George Crumb.  In 1981, having completed a dissertation on Haydn and Mozart under Robert Winter, he received a Ph. D. in musicology from UCLA.

Dr Harutunian is the author of Haydn’s and Mozart’s Sonata Styles:  A Comparison (Edwin Mellen Press).  His publications have also appeared in Westwind:  UCLA’s Journal of the Arts, and in The Journal of Musicological Research.  Dr Harutunian has taught at Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, as well as at Bridgewater State College.  His performances as a recitalist in the Boston area include concerts at the New England Conservatory with musicians from the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  He has served as organist at the Lutheran Church of the Savior in Bedford, MA, and has also appeared as guest organist in several Boston area churches.  He presently serves as organist at Newton Presbyterian Church.

Dr Harutunian is listed in the International Who’s Who in Music

Jack Holder

Jack Holder is a faith and fantasy writer from Newton, Massachusetts. He holds a Master’s Degree in Divinity from Boston University School of Theology, specializing in Church and the Arts. He is the writer of “Legends of the Realm: Torn Soul,” “Born of Magic,” and “The Following Casework,” as well as editor of the interfaith anthologies “Why Faith?” and “The Great Command Meant.”

When not writing, he is spending time with his wife and daughter. He is so blessed to have this opportunity, and thanks everyone for reading.

Joanna Michal Hoyt

Joanna Michal Hoyt lives with her family on a Catholic Worker farm in rural northern New York State where she spends her days tending goats, gardens, and guests and her evenings reading and writing odd stories. She worships and discerns in the Quaker way and has been part of churches of various denominations, though she is now without one. Her short speculative and religious fiction has appeared in publications including Mysterion, After Dinner Conversation, and On Spec. Her novel Cracked Reflections, about conflicting understandings of faith and neighborliness in the textile strikes of 1912, will be published by Propertius Press in fall 2021.

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Kang Jing

The inspiration for my piece, “Gracious God”, 2020:

People who suffered from blindness, leprosy, paralysis amongst many others in the bible, were freed from their pain through the grace and mercy of God. They yearned for God to heal their physical sufferings, and God answered. But God bestows blessings far beyond what anyone deserves, far beyond this life, when Jesus Christ died on the cross. It is not just those with physical sufferings that need God. We are all sinners, people who need God, and God has already given us the greatest blessing that we could never earn by ourselves; Salvation.

I created this piece with the idea in mind that from afar, it is an image of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us, but looking at close distance, it is broken down into various instances of miracles within the Bible. The blood on Jesus Christ is depicted with red ink, where the deadly sins are written in both English and Chinese Language (My Mother Tongue), which his hair is written with verses in both English and Chinese Language using the verses where the miracles are stated from.

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Louie Guerra Rubio is an amateur photographer and painter who emigrated from Ecuador as a young man and has made New England his home for over 50 years. Louie lives in Springfield, Massachusetts. Louie’s daughter Erika and her husband Michael make their home in Newton and “Abu” makes weekly trips to Newton to be in the lives of his two beautiful grandchildren, Isabella and Mateo.

To increase his knowledge base Louie has improved his skills with courses in various photography artistry. 

Inspiration: Louie’s connection to his spirituality is to enjoy the magical creation of our Lord looking at the world in color, plenty of colors. Perhaps the brilliant backdrop of his native country draws his eye to the bright colors in our world. He is especially drawn to photography as the air turns crisp and winter is around the corner. His camera catches the reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn. He has many pieces depicting structures, scenes, and macro photography.

His joy comes from behind the camera and then working the image to perfection on his computer for our eyes.

Coming Soon… More of our Artists’ biographies.