Believe in Miracles

by Jack Holder

Mark 9:2-9

Bathe in the light of the golden dawn.

Drink in the waters of Eden pure

Delight in gazing upon yet another

Glorious miracle, that is the son.

At least, that is what I have been taught.

The Transfiguration, the whiteclad Christ

Who revealed his will, his righteous stock

With Elijah and Moses upon that mountain rock.

And yet, still, I wonder.

‘Twas two millennia hence.

My grandfather’s, grandmother’s, great great

Thirty times great forgot the truth. Yet still, we believe.

What was the need for this miraculous sight?

That Jesus saw fit to so bluntly tell

The truth that even Simon, even I

Could see divinity’s proof.

Was it to show the world that it was true?

Or perhaps to give comfort, to the discipled few?

Was the enlightened sight for us, or for you?

Perhaps, because, Christ truly knew

That without the miraculous

Belief wouldn’t come through.

Or maybe I spend too much time in books.

And instead, should ask, what faith it took.

To be able to see such a glorious scene.

Faith realized, how it must have been.

I wish I was there, truly, even now.

To have Moses, asked Jesus how

To deal with today, and tomorrow, too.

Perhaps he knows this.

Perhaps I do, too.

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