Shining Bloom

by Jack Holder

Genesis 9:8-17

Oh! What a light there is blooming

From a flower still soft and budded.

The multifaceted shine of petal

Brings tears upon mine face.

Even better still, is how such life

Is brought forth from such grime and muck

See where it stands, in the garbage heap

Surrounded by worms, maggots,

And the refuse of beasts.

There is naught like this budding star

And I weep to know its face

For what will a most-normal life

Be like after having seen this peak?

I wish I could capture this light, this shine in glass

And preserve forever the brilliance

Brought forth, so all may see

Far away from filth, from slimes

So odious it makes one retch.

Why does beauty have to be surrounded by trash?

Why does pain precede paradise?

I’ll dig up this flower.

Tear it up by the root.

Save it from the worms and fertilizer

For light blooms brightest in sterility.


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